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Economic reports - Shocks

Assessments of operational and financial impacts for airline industry from events such as natural disasters and geopolitical events.


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The impact of 'Brexit' on UK Air Transport
‘Brexit’ is widely expected to present a significant shock to the UK economy and, by extension, to air travel demand as well.
Jun 2016   
Global Air Passenger Markets: Riding Out Periods of Turbulence
The global air passenger market has proven remarkably resilient to market shocks in the past. Nonetheless, it should not be taken for granted that this resilience will be always automatic; a smarter regulatory approach is key to enabling the industry.....
Jun 2015 More details   
Impact of Hurricane Sandy
Analysis of the impact on industry operations and revenues from the Hurricane Sandy at the end of October 2012.
Nov 2012   
Impact of Japan Earthquake
Analysis of the economic and air transport market impact of  the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.
Mar 2011   
Impact of Ash Plume
Analysis of the impact on industry operations and revenues from the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano in April 2010.
May 2010   
Impact of Swine Flu
Analysis of airline exposure to swine flu in 2008.
Apr 2009   
Impact of Recession - Dec 2008
Recession in major markets is now driving a significant fall in traffic in 2009.  See Jun 09 forecast for latest analysis.
Dec 2008   
Impact of Sept 11th 2001 Attack
Estimated impact of the September 11th on travel.
May 2006   
Impact of Avian Flu
Analysis of the impact of SARS and the threat of avian flu.
May 2006   
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