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Economic Benefits

Assessments of the economic benefits associated with air transport connectivity.


Benefits to Hong Kong from increasing airspace efficiency
Improving airspace efficiency in the Pearl River Delta makes economic and environmental sense. It can improve the efficiency of the air transport sector and strengthen Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a regional and global business center.
Full report (pdf)

Bali trade deal impact on air freight
Reducing trade cost through improving customs operations can boost world trade and air freight demand.
Full report (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)

Value of an average passenger flight in EU-27
An assessment of the consumer, producer and wider economic benefits of an average flight in the EU-27.
Full report (pdf)

Benefits of Aviation - Country reports
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other aviation stakeholders are carrying out a global initiative to produce detailed economic studies on the benefits of the aviation industry. In collaboration with the independent consultancy Oxford Economics, the goal is to identify the benefits that aviation generates for consumers, public finances and the global economy.
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Aviation Economic Benefits
Improvements in a countrys level of connectivity to the air transport network can significantly boost its long-term level of productivity and economic growth. This boost is potentially highest amongst developing countries.
Summary report (pdf)
Full report (pdf)

Airline network benefits
Governments considering taxing or constraining aviation risk damaging business and economic development. New survey and statistical evidence demonstrates that the airline network is a key asset for economic development.
Summary report (pdf)
Full report (pdf)

Economic Benefits for Latin America
Reports for five Latin American economies showing the substiantial economic benefits generated by air transport.
Bolivia (pdf)         Chile (pdf)       Argentina (pdf)
Colombia (pdf)     Mexico (pdf)   
Panama (pdf)     Peru (pdf)

The value added by airlines
The value added by the global airline industry is estimated to be $140 to 145 billion in 2004. However, little of the value created accrued to financial investors in the industry.
Complete report (pdf)


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