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Infrastructure in South America

Recognizing the need to move to a project oriented structure with focus on improving effectiveness and efficiency, the Caribbean and South America region conducted a comprehensive change on its regional planning and implementation framework (GREPECAS).

As part of this new structure, IATA attended a workshop of the SAM Implementation Group (SAM/IG/9) at the premises of the ICAO South American Regional Office in Lima, Peru.

The meeting discussed many items of interest to our member airlines, including:

  • Optimization of the ATS routes
  • Implementation of PBN and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) in the SAM Region
  • Implementation of the new flight plan format
  • Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU)

Among items discussed, was the Flexible Use of Airspace Guidance Material which will facilitate civil/military cooperation within the region and maximize the use of airspace. Also important to note is the development of a common regional regulatory framework to harmonize PBN Operational Approval Processes. The seamless concept was presented during the meeting. Participants demonstrated great interest in discussing potential implementation in the region.

Access the meeting documentation - ICAO Lima Office website  


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