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Runway Excursion Risk Reduction (RERR) toolkit

The Runway Excursion Risk Reduction (RERR) toolkit is a joint IATA-ICAO safety project aimed to lead the global aviation industry for continuous improvement in safety. It provides in depth analysis of runway excursion accident data and comprehensive set of reference materials for the prevention and mitigation of runway excursion accidents.

Content overview

  • Industry-wide survey based on the air carrier Self Audit Checklist
  • Detailed study of air carrier flight data analysis programs
  • Runway Excursion Risk Management Process for operators
  • Case studies to be used in workshops and training
  • Airport and air navigation service providers' best practices for ATM and airports
  • Self Audit Checklists for airport operators and CAAs

The RERR toolkit is available as a free tool including documents and videos.

Access the 2nd Edition of the Runway Excursion Risk Reduction toolkit

Runway Safety Implementation Kit

""      In line with ongoing cooperative efforts to resolve what remains the number one priority for global aviation safety experts, a Runway Safety Implementation Kit (Runway Safety i-Kit) has been developed in collaboration with IATA, ICAO, ACI, CANSO, ICCAIA, FSF, IFALPA, IFATCA, IBAC, IAOPA, FAA, EASA and EUROCONTROL. This i-Kit includes the latest guidance updates to assist aviation industry, including centralized online resources, publication of the ICAO Runway Safety Team Handbook and twelve Regional Safety Seminars.

Access the Runway Safety i-Kit

About Runway excursions

Analysis of accident data has identified that the highest rate of accidents occurs in the “runway excursion” category, where the aircraft departs the runway during takeoff or landing. Runway excursions have continued to be the cause of more than 25% of all commercial aircraft accidents annually.

Runway Safety Accident Analysis Report 

The Runaway Safety Accident Analysis Report (pdf)​​ provides an overview of 2010-2014 accidents occurred in the runway environment area, including runway excursions, runway collision, undershoot/overshoot, tailstrike and hard landing events. This report also provides analysis, severity, contributing factors of the 159 runway safety events as well as mitigation against an accident. The most frequent type was runway excursion with 87 accidents, representing 55 percent of all runway safety accidents over the period. There were no overshoot nor runway collision accidents during the reporting period.  



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