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The industry is on its way to 100 % e-AWB by end of 2014


IATA’s board set the target of 100 % e-AWB (electronic air waybill) by end of 2014, in countries where e-AWB is legally accepted.


In the short term, the target is to achieve 15% penetration by the end of 2012.

To support the industry achieving this ambitious target, IATA Cargo is organizing a campaign in the coming months.  The target is to host one day e-AWB workshops in the major hubs of the cargo industry around the world. See the list of e-AWB workshops.

The e-AWB workshops are aimed at raising awareness of e-AWB standards, processes, messages, legal framework, and industry targets but also to ensure that regulators support the initiative. The workshops highlight the benefit of e-AWB for each stakeholder involved. It also aims at giving industry stakeholders feedback from early adopters on the benefits and on the best practices to implement e-AWB successfully. Finally, the workshop will also provide recommendations on the strategy of implementing e-AWB and highlight the key milestones for the e-AWB project plan.

Targeted attendees of these workshops are decision makers and project managers from forwarders, airlines, handlers, customs and IT providers. There is a lot of interest in the industry in these events, as demonstrated by 200 participants at the workshop in Narita (NRT), Japan and over 150 in Bangkok (BKK), Thailand.

More information on e-AWB.


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