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BIP “highly recommended” on its final year

We are now counting down to the end of the Baggage Improvement Program (BIP) which will conclude in December 2012. 

BIP would like to take the opportunity to express appreciation for statements made by participants such as Bob Johnson, General Manager at Detroit Airport from Delta Air Lines:

“It has been interesting and productive to work with the IATA BIP team here at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. We are continually striving to improve our baggage handling processes. Having heard good comments from our team in Minneapolis Airport, we welcomed the opportunity to work with IATA”.

Johnson indicated a specific solution which was identified by the BIP team and currently being implemented at his airport: “BHS (Baggage Handling System) familiarizing tours to our check-in agents to improve baggage hygiene and acceptance”.

“It was good to have an external view at our operation and have some new ideas brought to the table. I would highly recommend the program as IATA has visited many airports has seen many good baggage practices around the world and is happy to share these” expressed Johnson as an overall conclusion.

The BIP toolkit is a document that has been developed based on the experience gained through the airport visits that have taken place over the course of the program. It provides over 100 solutions tested worldwide and offers best industry practices for combating baggage mishandling. Please find more information and materials on BIP.


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