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EC & Customs Testing Home Printed & Electronic Bag Tags

On 28 February 2014, IATA, KLM, The European Commission, Dutch, French and UK Customs and AAS met to examine the use of a home printed and electronic baggage tags in the Customs environment. The tests that were undertaken aimed at seeing if the operational needs of customs could be satisfied by the proposed home printed and electronic baggage tags.

The result of the testing was that whilst the current designs do not allow customs officers the current levels of visual risk assessment that is offered by the current on-demand baggage tags, a relatively simple set of principles will facilitate a redesign of the home printed and electronic baggage tag that will enable the current levels of risk assessment to be maintained.


  1. There should be a single format of the home printed baggage tag format to make it easier to learn the layout
  2. The EU identity should be a single one
  3. The baggage tag holder should not be glossy or cause a reflection
  4. The layout should be simple, with just the necessary information in a clear simple manner
  5. Measures should be taken to ensure that swapping home printed baggage tags is no easier than swapping traditional baggage tags
  6. New security features should be incorporated as these are designed

Next Steps:

Member States have been given to the end of May to consider three options of home printed baggage tags (without the green stripes). The Commission will be able to provide the timetable for proposals in June and providing there is no opposition it is likely that the Sept/Oct European Commission CRM meeting will vote. Implementation if endorsed will be quick.

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