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Electronic Baggage Claim Receipt

How you can benefit from implementing an electronic baggage claim receipt

An electronic baggage claim receipt is a replacement of the current paper passenger claim portion of the baggage tag by an electronic version (i.e., email, sms or an airline-provided web service). A great advantage is that this system allows passengers to receive their bag claim receipt electronically in addition to providing essential tracing information for baggage handlers in situations when of baggage mishandling.

Main benefits

  • Crucial for tracing in situations of bag mishandling
  • Cost savings for the airline due to smaller baggage tags and less paper
  • Airlines obtaining valuable passenger contact information
  • Less hassle for passengers – nothing stuck onto passports or boarding passes
  • Essential for home printed bag tag and/or permanent bag tag solution

A total of 73% of respondents to the IATA Passenger Survey 2013 (pdf) reported that they would like to use a baggage tag that was permanent and unique to them. Home printed tags or future electronic baggage tag will make the passengers’ journey less stressful. 

For more information regarding electronic baggage receipt contact IATA baggage services team:

See the new Resolution 752 Electronic Baggage Claim receipt (pdf)


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