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First wave of the vMPD completed

To date 4.7 million EMDs have been reported in 82 BSPs by 92 airlines worldwide. In addition, 66 other airlines have achieved EMD capability in their direct sales. As the result, one of the highlights for this industry transformation is to achieve 100% EMD in IATA BSP.

Three major sunset steps

  1. Take out vMCO - which became a reality in January thanks to the support of GDSs
  2. Eliminate vMPD - in a phased approach, 56 BSPs had successfully removed vMPD issuance from the BSPLink by 1 July
  3. Eliminate all vMCO/vMPD from IATA BSP by 31 October

IATA continues to emphasize the necessity for training and preparation. To avoid any potential misunderstanding it is vital for both airlines and travel agents to investigate and resolve any impact the vMPD sunset may bring. 

For airlines: please inform your travel agency partner(s) about your latest EMD related policies and alternative solution(s) (if appropriate).

For travel agents: please consult your airline partner(s) on any new procedures for after the vMPD sunset. Be aware that unlike vMPD, the EMD is issued via the GDS and not BSPLink.
Moreover, the below BSPs will continue to accept vMPD until 31 October:

  • All BSPs in Latin America including Caribbean
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong-Kong, Chinese Taipei, India and Sri Lanka
  • Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Italy
  • Gulf Area

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