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Industry Data Model Now Open for Industry Contributions

Today, the bulk of IATA data exchange standards (passenger and airport services) is scattered across various manuals and published in teletype, an ancient messaging format that is not readily usable in contemporary systems.

Where modern XML schemas already exist, those are often developed manually in response to individual problems. Demand for XML message is growing. Without action, the situation will lead to exhaustions of the standards development engine combined with a decrease in the value of IATA data exchange standards.

Industry data model solution

The Industry Data Model creates the capability and methodology necessary to move away from manual schema development. It will allow the industry to generate messages from a common industry model reflecting industry-agreed vocabulary as well as data relationships and business processes reflecting the IATA business standards, and modeled with a strong methodology promoting interoperability.

It will prepare the platform for moving all data exchange aspects of industry standards into a format that is usable by both people and systems. 

This project does not change what will be standardized. It changes how we develop and publish data exchange standards to enable easier and fast information sharing. It also improves the industry’s ability to maintain bridges between airline data exchange standards and those maintained by adjacent industries (airports, air traffic managers, etc.).

However, for the Industry Data Model to become a valuable industry resource, the tooling and methodology alone are not enough. It is important to ensure that core industry objects are modeled as soon as possible and this information available to the new standardization project who will then extend and adapt the definitions contained in the Model.

Noting that a number of airlines and industry providers already developed data models, the StB Steering Group recommended IATA to seek established airline data models to use as reference data to kick-start the population of the model and build a quality base for its further extension.

Call for contributions

Parties sharing the one industry data model vision and are interested in contributing their data to serve as reference for the development of the industry data model and future industry data exchange standards are invited to submit their proposals to IATA. The call for contributions document  (pdf) has been published on the Industry Data Model page.

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