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Knowledge sharing at the core of NDC

The NDC program is unique in the way it has the potential to create value for the entire air travel chain. It is also a collaborative effort which facilitates the sharing of knowledge between the program’s stakeholders: from airlines to technology providers, agents, corporate travel buyers and ultimately the traveler.

NDC webpage

The NDC webpage was updated to reflect the opportunities NDC offers and a new ‘Resources’ section was added including documentation (i.e., the latest standard presentation (pdf)), together with some valuable industry white papers, videos, webinars and demos.

New: case studies

We have embarked into the production of a series of NDC Case Studies on travel brands and companies supportive of the NDC program, each representative of a particular stakeholder ‘s segment.

For the first NDC Case Study (pdf), there was an opportunity to take a closer look at travel metasearch companies, and more specifically Skyscanner. First appearing in the early 2000’s, travel metasearch engines have become an important player in the travel value chain, demonstrated by the recent acquisitions by Expedia and Priceline of  respectively Trivago and Kayak, Google's licensing of Room77, and the in-house hotel metasearch developed by TripAdvisor.


In view of the rising popularity of travel metasearch products with both travelers and the industry, we asked Skyscanner to talk about three things:

  • Their value proposition to both airlines and travelers;
  • The travel metasearch model in general, and why it is becoming increasingly relevant;
  • The role of NDC as a growth driver for the travel metasearch and for airline distribution.

One interesting question in this area is the extent to which the lines between the metasearch and the OTA model may become blurred as airlines get more involved in the creation of flight offers and in the management of the resulting order. Some observers are wondering whether OTA and travel metasearch companies could become one single model, with brand awareness, online marketing and comparison shopping being their primary areas of focus.

NDC Hub: your NDC communications channel

The NDC Hub is our primary communication channel to our industry colleagues, so do not hesitate to circulate this e-newsletter to those whom you think could benefit from this information and ask them to sign up to receive their own copy!


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