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NDC - the start of a new phase

You may already be familiar with the agreement between IATA and Open Allies on conditions to guide the US Department of Transportation (DoT) in its approval of Resolution 787 (pdf), the foundation document for NDC.

We are delighted that following this agreement, Open Allies (whose members include the three GDSs) have agreed to withdraw their opposition to Resolution 787. These conditions specifically clarify IATA’s commitment to the core principles of Resolution 787 regarding anonymous shopping, compatibility of existing data standards with the NDC standard and the voluntary nature of the standard. They supplement IATA’s June 2013 filing with the DoT which sought to further define the original IATA submission.

Aviation industry forum

There was an agreement to establish a broad stakeholder forum to support a collaborative approach on technical standards and regulatory policy in the area of distribution issues. The industry organizations taking part are: ASTA, ECTAA, ETTSA, GBTA, IATA, Open Allies, Travel Tech, and WTAAA (represented by AFTA, ABAV, and ASTA). A first meeting took place in January where these key industry stakeholders agreed upon the value in creating such a forum, and they plan to meet again in future to continue their discussions.

The NDC Fact Sheet  is now available and it responds precisely to the following four questions:

  • Why NDC?
  • Who will NDC benefit, and how?
  • What is NDC?
  • What is the scope of the NDC Standard?

In addition to the fact sheet, you can also find more info from the past 12 months, including the launch of the first NDC pilots, the broadening stakeholder participation in the Distribution Data Exchange Working Group (DDXWG) and the completion (subject to DOT approval) of the first set of NDC shopping schemas on the new NDC pages.


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