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Security Access and Egress in the regions


Zagreb airport welcomed the ACI/IATA SAE initiative as they currently changed not only the management of the airport to MZLZ but also took over responsibility for passenger security checks from the border police and outsourced the services to a Croatian security firm. The experience gained through the diagnosis of the current security processes will be used for future projects and process improvements.

With an expected growth of over 20% compared over 2013 (and 2.7 million passengers), Vilnius airport is coming back strong after a period of economic recession in the country that saw passenger numbers fall below 2 million. Their participation in IATA’s SAE diagnosis was essential to aid to ensure the processes can meet the growth expectations. The airport will also consider redesigning their current queuing layout and introducing a new fast track concept.


The Americas received a letter of professional recognition for a job well done from Buenos Aires Airport (EZE). During the SAE visit, Automated Border Control deployments were identified. EZE’s use of biometrics in its border control procedure facilitates the speed and effectiveness of processing passengers through immigration arrivals.

In June, the SAE kick-off meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico was well attended by various stakeholders in the airport. In addition, 12 airports already have confirmed visit dates in the next coming months.


IATA is committed to tackle the industry challenge and contribute to achieve a secure, seamless and efficient end-to-end passenger experience for the increasing number of air travelers.

The engagement of airports and airport authorities is ongoing and over 30 airports have already expressed their intention to participate into the program.

If you are interested to be one of the 80 airports, then please contact us:



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