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Ancillaries take off in Africa

The Programme

As part of the ongoing effort to implement EMDs (Electronic Miscellaneous Documents) globally, a one day joint IATA-AFRAA (African Airlines Association) EMD workshop was organized in Nairobi on 28 March 2012. 

In the opening remarks, Raphael Kuuchi, the AFRAA Director Commercial, Corporate & Industry Affairs, acknowledged the significance of the industry target as well as the benefits EMD brings to its member airlines, such as the generation of ancillary revenue and the elimination of legacy paper processes.

The objective of the workshop was to provide guidelines on how to best implement EMD within the project deadline as well as highlight challenges the African market might face and how to address them.  According to AFRAA, more than 50 delegates from 17 airlines in Africa joined the workshop. Four EMD system providers and GDS also took part to demonstrate their capabilities and support for the project. 

 During the interactive workshop, there was a high level of engagement by both the airline representatives as well as the system providers. The combination of Q&A and individual breakout sessions helped to address all of the outstanding issues by the end of day. Overall, it was a successful event bringing in all of the relevant stakeholders together to clarify on the concrete steps for achieving 100% EMD by end of 2013.

IATA e-services aim to facilitate ancillary revenue sales through all distribution channels by using the IATA EMD standard. More information on e-services.


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