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Launching e-freight Matchmaker: the first online tool for e-freight and e-AWB

The e-freight Matchmaker is a free of charge web-based tool developed to offer e-freight and Electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) stakeholders easier and more flexible access to the list of live airports, locations, airlines, freight forwarders and ground  handling  agents.


Key Objectives of the e-freight Matchmaker

  •  Increased visibility: allows all e-freight/e-AWB participants to access all information on live locations, airports, airlines, freight forwarders and ground handlers at the click of a mouse!
  • Increased accuracy and timeliness of information: enables stakeholders (airlines,  freight  forwarders and  ground  handling  agents) to maintain and update their own data directly into the live tool
  • Empowers e-freight and e-AWB participants to populate their implementation plans in the live system 
  • Improved networking capacity:  encourages e-Cargo industry stakeholders to interconnect via the incorporated messaging system to jointly implement e-freight and/or e-AWB

Key Benefits of accessing the e-freight Matchmaker

  • High speed information: data is available to all stakeholders as soon as it is entered in the system
  • Time savings: e-freight users can instantly retrieve customized reports
  • High data reliability: the level of data accuracy is increased as the tool is updated by the industry for the industry
  • Gives visibility: users are the ones highlighting e-freight and e-AWB business

Who can access the e-freight Matchmaker?

  • Public Users (no registration needed): all cargo industry stakeholders can access existing information on live e-freight and e-AWB locations, airports, airlines, forwarders and ground handlers by accessing the e-freight web-site Matchmaker page. You can use standard reports or create your own customized reports.
  • Registered Users (registration needed): airlines, freight forwarders and ground handling agents can populate, update and maintain their own e-freight and e-AWB current statuses and plans in the Matchmaker application. This gives you full control and the ability to communicate with your partners regarding status and future plans for implementation.

The e-freight Matchmaker is live and will go public through the IATA website as of June 18th, 2012.
In the meantime airlines, freight  forwarders, and  ground handling agents are invited to register their company accounts and upload/validate their data through the e-freight Matchmaker


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