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IATA e-services meets the board target on airline capability



On the 6 of December a total of 40 airlines became capable of issuing Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD).

Carriers from all regions are now using IATA EMD standard as the preferred method for collection and fulfillment of ancillary services or miscellaneous transactions. To see the latest list of EMD capable or live airlines in IATA BSP, please click here.

IATA would like to congratulate the latest 12 airlines that contributed to reaching the target:

ZI – Aigle Azur JJ – TAM TX- Air Caraibes
FM - Shanghai Airlines  JK – Spanair EY – Etihad
FC – Finnish Commuter    AT – Royal Air Maroc   RJ – Royal Jordanian
WM – Winward Island Airways YM – Montenegro   AB – Air Berlin

And especially Montenegro Airlines, as it has become the 1st EMD capable airline within the Balkans.

“I am very pleased to report that the industry reached a critical mass of 40 airlines, which represents 33.6% of airline passenger worldwide volumes” stated Sebastien Touraine, e-services Project Manager.

IATA e-services aims to facilitate ancillary revenue sales through all distribution channels by using the IATA EMD standard. EMD is the latest and final step towards IATA’s e-travel vision following the full implementation of e-ticketing (ET in 2008) and Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP in 2010).

For more project information and materials please visit the IATA e-services webpage.


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