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e-Services Taskforce Gathers 100 Industry Participants

The Programme

The e-services team led a second taskforce in early February, enabling stakeholders to progress towards their EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) implementation. This meeting took place at the IATA offices in Geneva.

A total of 100 participants, including 34 airlines and 14 IT providers, joined the IATA e-services team members, confirming significant industry interest in EMD.

Airlines currently in the process of implementing the IATA EMD standard shared their views and concerns related to daily issues with customers. Experts from all areas of the supply chain – from distribution and pricing to airport operations and revenue accounting – also attended the meeting.

The IATA EMD standard will support ancillary services sales and replace miscellaneous paper documents. IATA and the industry are  towards achieving the targets of 75% EMD capability by end of 2012 and 100% EMD in BSP by end of 2013.  

Today 48 airlines have implemented the EMD standard representing 40% of the worldwide seat volume. Eight BSPs are live and more than 4 million EMDs have been issued.

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