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EMD adoption is expanding with 47 capable airlines, all major GDS EMD live in BSP and 1st EMD interlining

The Programme


All IATA e-services Board Targets for 2011 were exceeded on the 26th of December 2011 


IATA is pleased to announce that 47 carriers are now using IATA Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) standard as the preferred method for collection and fulfillment of ancillary services or miscellaneous transactions.

IATA would like to highlight the strong efforts made on the Global Distribution System (GDS) by all major GDSs for enabling airlines to issue EMDs with travel agencies in 9 BSPs. Global industrialization of EMD deployment in various BSPs is the next priority.

Finally IATA wants to congratulate Finnair and Egyptair for being able to issue the first interline EMD through their common server provider, Amadeus. Paivi Rautanen, EMD project manager at Finnair expressed her gratitude to IATA “who made the whole infrastructure for these new services possible”.

IATA e-services aim to facilitate ancillary revenue sales through all distribution channels by using the IATA EMD standard. The Board has set a target for this year by which airlines representing 75% of passenger traffic will become EMD capable and set a deadline for 100% EMD in IATA BSP by the end of 2013.


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