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EMD use grows to airlines representing 43% of traffic volume

The Programme

IATA is pleased to announce that 53 carriers are now using IATA Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) standard as the preferred method for collection and fulfillment of ancillary services or miscellaneous transactions.  

These 53 airlines cover 43% of traffic volume of airlines in the e-services project scope. Sebastien Touraine, IATA e-services project manager indicated that “with more than 50 carriers issuing EMDs for their own sales and/or in BSP, the industry has reached point of no return with critical mass having adopted EMD standard”.

The number of BSP having reported EMDs is also increasing to 10 with France being the latest one.

IATA e-services aim to facilitate ancillary revenue sales through all distribution channels by using the IATA EMD standard. The 2012 Board target is airlines representing 75% of passenger traffic will become EMD capable. 

Why don't you join the e-services EMD LinkedIn group and see what the team is up to?

For more information on the project, please visit the e-services website



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