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Expanding Fast Travel

 Fast Travel

The Fast Travel Program brings together a total of six solutions to respond to passengers’ demand for self-service journey.

In 2011, the Fast Travel Program aimed at applying all six solutions at five major worldwide airports. This was to showcase the benefit of the full suite of self-service solutions implemented at a single location. The target was exceeded with a total of seven airline/airport pairs becoming compliant.

Fast Travel is now entering a mass adoption phase, bringing the benefits of choice, convenience and control to passengers globally via self-service projects that make sense for a specific airline and airport location.  The 2012 Board of Governors target is 100 airline/airport pairs being Fast Travel compliant in three projects:

  • Bags ready to go – enables passengers to self- tag their bags ready for acceptance.
  • Flight re-booking - enables passengers to proactively be re-booked in case of a cancelled or delayed flight, and obtain a new boarding pass via a self-service channel.
  • At least one the remaining projects: 
  1. Document Check  - allows passengers to scan their travel documents at kiosks for data verification and onward transmission to government agencies.
  2. Self-Boarding – provides automated boarding processes for passengers
  3. Bags Recovery - allows passengers to report a missing bag at a kiosk instead of waiting in line at a baggage service counter

Fast Travel compliant airports/airlines pairs

The end-to-end passenger experience can only be delivered by airports and airlines in partnership.

Please find below the list of Fast Travel compliant pairs to date. This list is based on data from the Fast Travel Matchmaker, our industry platform that provides to airlines and airports an easy and central location to manage, schedule and report implementations status worldwide that relates to IATA’s Simplifying the Business program. 

Airport Airlines
Toronto Air Canada
Beijing Air China
Hohhot Baita International Airport Air China
Paris Orly Air France
London Gatwick British Airways
Abu Dhabi International Airport Etihad Airways
Frankfurt Lufthansa
Munich Lufthansa
Aalborg Airport SAS
Aarhus Airport SAS
Copenhagen SAS
Oslo SAS
Stockholm - Arlanda SAS
London City Airport British Airways
Amsterdam - Schiphol KLM
Auckland International Airport Air New Zealand

Should your airport/airline be part of this list?

If you believe that your airport/airline should qualify but is not on this list, we encourage you to share your capability through the StB Matchmaker.

  • Did you know that more than 3100 Fast Travel projects had already been implemented by airlines around the world?
  • Did you know that one airline is already offering the entire Fast Travel suite of self-service to nearly 50% of its passengers worldwide?
  • Did you know that one airline is offering  Self-Service Check-in to 99.8% of its passengers worldwide?

If you want to know mores, stay tuned! StB newsletter will be providing you with the answer to these questions. Also visit the Fast Travel Facebook page to see what the team is up to.


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