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IATA EMD deadline: goodbye vMCO in IATA BSPs


The e-Services team is gathering steam for the final push of the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) implementation in 2013.

Over 2 million EMDs were reported in 70 IATAs Billing and Settlement Plans (BSPs) by 45 airlines in November 2013 and the speed of EMD penetration has increased significantly. By the end of the year, 120 airlines will have implemented EMD around the world; millions of EMDs will have been issued through airlines’ direct channels and via travel agencies.

At the same time, the date for the sunset of Virtual Miscellaneous Charge Order (vMCOs) and Virtual Multipurpose Documents (vMPDs) reported in BSPs, has become a hot topic in the industry.

Expecting the vMCO/vMPD sunset, IATA started the preparation several months ago through industry consultations. To strike a fair balance between driving EMD implementation to replace vMCO/vMPD and not penalizing airlines for delays that were out of their control, the e-Services Sunset Strategy Committee (e-SSSC) was formed to provide a strategy that was both constructive and practical. This group of nine airlines, all members of the StB Steering Group, was selected to represent the different airline readiness with regards to vMCO/vMPD volumes, system provider and EMD development status. 

On 1 October the e-SSSC defined its recommendation to be endorsed by the StB Steering Group. This outcome took into consideration the concerns of the industry as well as the need to complete the implementation of 100% EMD in IATA BSPs. During the World Passenger Symposium held in Dublin in October 2013, the StB Steering Group unanimously adopted their recommendation.

EMD deadlines

IATA is to maintain 100% EMD deadline in BSP with gradual shutdown from end 2013 to October 2014:

  • IATA BSPs will stop processing vMCO transactions as of January 2014
  • IATA BSPs will process EMD-S free of charge until the end of June 2014
  • vMPD will be phased out no later than June 2014 in IATA BSPs, with some identified exceptions in some BSPs until October 2014

For more information regarding the StB Steering Group decision please reference the Industry Communication document on the e-Services Website.



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