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Simplifying the Business (StB) News

Upcoming EMD workshops

As the transition to electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) is progressing rapidly, the elimination of virtual multi-purpose document (vMPD) can no longer be overlooked. Since the global extension of the vMPD is only a few months away, the sense of urgency will require all relevant stakeholders to work in greater collaboration. More information

NDC - the start of a new phase

You may already be familiar with the agreement between IATA and Open Allies on conditions to guide the US Department of Transportation (DoT) in its approval of Resolution 787 (pdf), the foundation document for NDC. More information


Smart Security - what's in a name?

Formerly known as Checkpoint of the Future, Smart Security is now a joint IATA– Airport Council International (ACI) project, with the vision to improve the journey from curb to airside, where: passengers proceed through security checkpoints with minimal inconvenience, security resources are allocated based on risk and airport facilities can be optimized. More information



Security Access and Egress acceleration plan

Following the successful launch of the Security Access and Egress project two years ago, 20 airports have been visited, but the demand was much higher. In response to the high demand, IATA has committed to accelerate the program and commit to implement more resources. In addition, ACI and IATA have signed a MoU to work jointly on delivering the project. More information

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