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Nagoya Live on e-freight and e-freight@Singapore

Nagoya Live on e-freight

Two of the main global e-freight movers Lufthansa and Schenker, have performed the first e-freight shipment out of Centrair Airport in Nagoya to Frankfurt. Thanks to the very high level of interest shown towards e-freight by the local stakeholders, this will be the third airport in Japan that is now  live on e-freight , following Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport.


e-freight@Singapore is a multi-party initiative led by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) which aims to integrate the air cargo and logistics supply chain through the adoption of paperless air freight.
Built on the e-freight program, the platform leverages data captured at first instance (data@source) and its electronic transmission in an interconnected supply chain.  This will help to enhance the capabilities of industries by improving the accuracy of data and raising efficiency and productivity.

Since 2010, CAAS has introduced four e-freight@Singapore program tracks as shown below:

e-freight@Singapore: 4 Program Tracks

  • AirCargoAgents’ IT Readiness/Survey BRIDGE SProgram
    • Establish Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) current IT capabilities
    • Identify and close gaps 
  •  Air Freight Process Productivity Study (AFPPS)
    • Demonstrate costs and benefits to implement e-freight 
  • Implementation Plan
    • Engage industry for sustainable solutions
    • Private-sector led innovation
  • Industry Outreach & Engagement
    • Engage industry to build interest

Recent developments include the completion of an Air Freight Process Productivity Study (AFPPS) conducted by The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific (TLI-AP) to study the existing air cargo export process and establish the cost and benefits of implementing e-freight@Singapore.

A Call-for Collaboration (CFC) under the Implementation Plan Track was opened from 30 March -30 June 2011. The CFC solutions when deployed will provide industry with innovative e-freight solutions.
In addition, CAAS has organized several outreach events locally and overseas in 2011 in Amsterdam and Australia to engage and update the industry on Singapore’s e-freight efforts and encourage participation in the program.

CAAS will be rolling out the BRIDGES program with Singapore’s national IT agency at a later stage to help our Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) air cargo agents’ upgrade their IT capabilities when adopting e-freight@Singapore.

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