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Global passenger traffic is expected to increase by around 5% annually until 2016.

Aware of this industry growth and the challenges that will result , the IATA Facilitation Program actively focuses on crucial areas such as security, border protection, immigration and customs.

In an effort to continuously improve the passenger flow at the current security checkpoint, the IATA team is travelling to key airports around the world, to present the program. Since June 2012, 16 of them have been visited: seven in Asia Pacific, five in Europe and four in the Americas.

Sabine Trenk, Chief Operating Officer, Lima Airport Partners S.R.L. was very satisfied with the security process improvement diagnosis: “In the coming months we will carry out a remodeling of our security control points to increase throughput capacity.  At the same, we will implement changes to facilitate the control process. Therefore, we considered the participation in the project useful, to assess whether our intended adjustments are corroborated and to support our planning process early on. The result of the diagnosis confirmed our findings and gave us some additional recommendations that we will implement where feasible”

Visiting Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan has been another positive experience. Ranked first in 2012 ASQ – in the category of "Best Airport by Size (5 - 15 Million Passengers)"- and reconfirmed in 2013, the airport has a very efficient passenger process. It can be considered as a role model in this respect. In peak times, passengers queue 10 minutes and the throughput numbers are on average 240 passengers per hour. These figures can be explained as passenger information is provided throughout the airport, secondary search is conducted away from primary lane and the infrastructure provides space for four to five passengers to simultaneously divest and repack. Mr. Arao, Member of the Board of Chubu Centrair, stated his satisfaction: “We are very happy that the diagnosis conducted by IATA confirmed our high efficiency. The recommendations show in a simple way how the passenger experience can be further enhanced. We are committed to deliver an outstanding service to our passengers and to the airlines flying into Chubu Centrair International Airport.”

This positive feedback demonstrates IATA’s commitment to tackle this industry challenge and contribute to achieve a secure, seamless and efficient end-to-end passenger experience for the increasing number of air travelers.

Please visit the Passenger Facilitation site, for further information.


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