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Self-Tagging Now Available in the US

 Fast Travel

Further to the recent authorization of self-tagging issued by the US Transport Security Administration (TSA), the Fast Travel program is closer to become a reality in the US.


“Historically the US has always been a leader in self-service solutions,” said Stephan Copart, Fast Travel Project Manager at IATA. “However, due to security reasons, self-tagging was an obstacle to overcome in order for the overall program to go live”.

Following a number of meetings between IATA and TSA representatives over the past year and a half, a pilot program was established based on IATA’s Bags Ready to Go (BRG) recommended practice. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Air Canada tried out self-tagging at the following airports: Austin, Boston and Redmond, Oregon.  

TSA monitored the trials for several months and further to the success of this pilot program, a final template was drafted and signed off by John S. Pistole, the TSA’s Administrator in January.

The impact

Carriers operating in the US who express interest in self-tagging options are now able to submit their request to the TSA. Approval is subject exclusively to the TSA.  

“Many US carriers have already embraced self-service across most of the areas of Fast Travel, the missing element to the program was self-tagging. We are grateful to the TSA for their open approach and for having worked with us to reach this successful agreement,” added Mr Copart.

Fast Travel

The Fast Travel program provides passengers with more control over their journey and saves airlines money through automation.  It introduces self-service options in the following areas: check-in, bags ready to go, document check, flight re-booking, self-boarding and bag recovery.

The IATA board target for 2012 is to implement at least three Fast Travel solutions in 100 airports/airlines pairs. Of the three solutions to be put in place, Bags Ready to Go and Flight Re-Booking are mandatory to be compliant.

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