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Simplifying the Business (StB) in 2012

The Programme


Following the Board of Governors meeting which was held at the beginning of December in Montreal, IATA is pleased to announce the following StB board priorities:



On-going projects

  • Successful completion of the Baggage Improvement Program (BIP)

With a total of 80 one to one diagnosis and 120 Self-Helps, BIP will conclude a five year project aimed at reducing baggage mishandling by half.

  • Expanded use of Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)  in airlines representing 75% of passenger volumes.

The e-services project is now focusing on industry capability to use the IATA EMD standard. 

  • Implementation of at least three Fast Travel (FT) solutions in 100 airline/airport pairs

The scope of this project has expanded significantly given that it has gone from a target of 5 airline/airports to 100.

  • Progress towards 100% e-freight by achieving  15% of electronic air waybill (e-AWB)  global penetration

The Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG) will take the lead for the implementation of e-freight, with airlines focusing on adoption of the e-AWB.

New projects

Two new StB projects will be launched focusing on the following principles:

  • Airline distribution aiming to sell a wide range of airline products through all distribution channels, identifying customer trends and personalizing both offers and prices.
  • Passenger facilitation by enabling simple and common ways for passengers to provide advanced passenger data that different governments require.

Additional information

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