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StB Newsletter

WPS 2011: The Debrief

The first IATA World Passenger Symposium in Singapore brought just short of 580 delegates together from across the industry.The WPS enabled the passenger value chain to exchange views on challenges that they face. At the same time governance meetings took place where colleagues voted and agreed on the resolutions and recommended practices that define the standards and infrastructure of tomorrow. It is this mix that makes the WPS unique. It serves as a tool for the industry and IATA to share the vision and work towards preparing for tomorrow's passenger.

Below are some of the highlights of the WPS.


End to end self-service now at 5 airports

IATA was pleased to announce that Fast Travel had successfully achieved its 2011 Board target and congratulated the five airlines and airports that have collaborated to implement all 5 fast travel projects:

  • SAS @ Copenhagen International Airport
  • British Airways @ London Gatwick Airport
  • Lufthansa @ Munich Airport
  • Air New Zealand @ Auckland International Airport
  • Etihad Airways @ Abu Dhabi International Airport

Appreciation was expressed for all the airlines and airports that worked with IATA on the industry mission to create a seamless journey for our passengers.

NZ reduces mishandling at AKL by 76%

IATA congratulated Air New Zealand on becoming the first airline to qualify for the IATA Platinum status for the Baggage Improvement Program.

The reduction amount is determined from the bags mishandled per 1000 passengers. This was achieved despite an increase in passengers which would normally put additional pressure on the baggage handling operations.

The BIP team has achieved both the one to one diagnosis and self-help board targets for 2011.

3 Global Distribution Services (GDSs) now EMD capable

Pioneer airlines Finnair, Air New Zealand and Air China have used the industry standard electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) to deploy ancillary products with their GDS partners Amadeus, Sabre and Travelsky. By doing this the airlines will facilitate sales, fulfillment and collection of ancillary services. More on e-services.

See photos from the event here



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