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vMPD sunset is coming

In anticipation of the virtual multi-purpose document (vMPD) sunset* and by the regional request of local airlines, IATA organized two workshops in Singapore and Miami which represented the most impacted regions by vMPD volume. The enthusiasm was shared by more than 60 industry colleagues that participated in these events and almost 30 airlines were represented.

EMD implementation recommendations

Thanks to the support of IT providers and GDS' many subjects and recommendations on the implementation of EMD and the sunset of vMPD were discussed during the workshop.

Industry adoption

IATA has witnessed a momentous industry adoption of the IATA standard, but the task ahead is not easy, challenges still remain for some airlines to meet the vMPD sunset deadline. IATA continues to encourage all industry stakeholders to work together for the benefit of the industry at large.

Taking a step back, 146 airlines have implemented the IATA EMD standard and 81 of those airlines are EMD live in 82 IATA BSP (via travel agent). IATA will continue to listen and stand firm to support our member airlines for a successful vMPD sunset.

  • *The vMPD deadline is extended in all BSPs until 30 June 2014 
  • The following BSP will continue to accept vMPD until 31 October 2014:
    All BSP in Latin America including Caribbean, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong-Kong, Chinese Taipei, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Italy and Gulf Area

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