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Ticketing Handbook

Prepare for the introduction of the EMD

The Ticketing Handbook is the official guide to worldwide airline passenger ticketing. Prepared by an international group of ticketing experts, it explains the whats, whys, and hows of airline ticketing with  the main focus now moved to electronic tickets and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD). It is completed with many easy-to-understand ET and EMD  examples.

The Handbook thoroughly details what entries to make on electronic tickets and EMDs. It includes coverage on additional/optional services and involuntary rerouting and the new EMD to replace all other paper miscellaneous documents. It clarifies ticketing entries for fare calculation principles in easy-to-understand language and examples.

Key Benefits

  • The most comprehensive ticketing guide available
  • Quick reference for fare calculation and ticketing entries
  • Up-to-date  electronic ticketing  and electronic miscellaneous documents guidelines
  • Written in easy-to-understand language with relevant examples
  • Beneficial to carriers and agents seeking to move to a fully electronic ticketing environment
  • Also includes details of how to complete the virtual Multi Purpose Document (vMPD) the interim solution being used in BSPs until the EMD arrives

The book is accompanied by a Web download application to facilitate searching by use of key words and training with blank ticket facsimiles.

IATA Ticketing Handbook
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