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TACT expands its focus on security

IATA’s TACT Rules is expanding its focus on security. TACT, the essential air cargo rules guide covering global and national air cargo rules, regulations and standards, is adding more dedicated country security information together with details on security programs, industry standards and recommended practices.

ACC3 and ACAS now covered in TACT

Supply chain security is expected to be increasingly relevant to air cargo operations and workflows as governments and organizations pursue a network and layered approach to security regulations, program requirements and technologies. As cargo security requirements become more complex, the addition of security information to TACT will assist air cargo value chain participants with compliance.

Information and updates on EC Regulation 185/2010 on Cargo Security, known as ACC3 and updates on the US ACAS pilot program - including phases of the program, required data elements and filing options - are now available in TACT. 

Phase 3 of Canada’s ACI program and other AEI requirements

Over the past years, countries around the world have introduced Advanced Electronic Information (AEI) requirements. TACT now includes AEI requirement tables for more than 40 countries, covering local deadlines for submission of information, scope of AEI requirements by shipment type and procedures for submission of data. TACT will continue to expand its coverage of countries implementing AEI requirements.

The June edition of TACT includes information on Phase 3 of Canada’s Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program, known as eManifest. The eManifest requires electronic transmission of advance secondary data from freight forwarders as well as the electronic transmission of importer data from importers or their brokers. It also requires air carriers to send an EDI Conveyance Arrival Certification (CAC) message upon arrival at first port of report to process the arrival of the aircraft and goods in Canada.

Security Section

With the mushrooming of supply chains security initiatives over the past years, and the complexity this is adding to compliance procedures, a new security section will be introduced to TACT later this year outlining details of the major compulsory and voluntary supply chain security regimes impacting the air cargo value chain.

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