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Cargo Tracker December 2012

Focus on Air Cargo Security

In this Cargo Tracker issue:

Security requirements for Air Cargo & Mail destined for the EU

Following the Yemen incident in October 2010, regulations require air carriers flying air cargo and mail into the EU to be designated as an “Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport” (ACC3). Find out how to obtain ACC3 status and its impact on operations. Read more...

e-CSD successfully trialed

Two successful trials of the new electronic Consignment Security Declaration, (e-CSD) were concluded in the Netherlands and in the UK paving the way for more secure and efficient transportation of air cargo. Read more...

US ACAS pilots move to next stage

ACAS (US Air Cargo Advance Screening) pilots have now been ongoing since the attempts out of Yemen in October 2010 to use explosive devices in commercial aviation. Initial focus was on the express integrated carriers on shipments destined to the US, and now shifting to the passenger-cargo combination carriers. Read more...

Secure Freight launched in Chile

Last October, IATA launched the latest Secure Freight project in Santiago de Chile in order to facilitate safe, secure and efficient operations of air cargo. Read more...

If you missed the 2nd IATA Cargo & Mail Supply Chain Security Forum...

The 2nd IATA Cargo & Mail Supply Chain Security Forum took place last October with more than 120 experts from the industry including the key regulators responsible for security. Read more...



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