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Industry prepares for new EU Inboard cargo security requirements

Following the shipment of explosives from Yemen in October 2010 European ministers tasked the European Commission with a creation of an action plan to strengthen the security of aviation cargo supply chains.

In response to the action plan, airlines flying cargo into the European Union (EU) are required to meet strict security criteria and register with an EU Member State as “Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport” (ACC3). Furthermore, requirements are also foreseen on ACC3’s known as consigners and regulated agents.

As of February 2012, carriers will not be allowed to carry cargo into EU if an ACC3 number has not been assigned to that carrier following accreditation by an EU Member State. As of July 2014, carriers will not be allowed to carry cargo into the EU if not registered as an ACC3 and authorized by an independent validator.

Important ACC3 documentation:

The 34th Cargo Services Conference (CSC), scheduled for 12 March 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, will discuss the impact of the ACC3 validation and will review industry strategies to address the requirements.

About the CSC

CSC is a permanent and autonomous body consisting of representatives from IATA Member airlines. The CSC is responsible for the development and maintenance of standards and procedures for the cargo industry.  More information on CSC 


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