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The e-freight Matchmaker: a unique online tool for e-freight and e-AWB

IATA has developed a new web-based tool to help the air cargo stakeholders with their roll-out of e-freight and e-AWB. The objective of the e-freight Matchmaker is to provide easier and more flexible access to the list of live airports, locations, freight forwarders, airlines, and ground-handling agents.

Your Match is only a click away!

The e-freight Matchmaker is designed for airlines, freight forwarders and ground handlers who are invited to populate the live system with their current capabilities and implementation plans at country and airport levels. Those “registered users” can maintain their own data in the system and ensure accurate and timely information is available for the industry and their business partners.Another main functionality of the e-freight Matchmaker is to connect stakeholders together: users can connect with each other for the purpose of jointly implementing e-freight and/or e-AWB.

Accessing the e-freight Matchmaker is available to all stakeholders, the “public users”, willing to know who is doing e-freight and/or e-AWB and where.

First positive feedback from the industry

During the e-freight and e-AWB Workshop that followed the e-Cargo Conference, IATA presented the e-freight Matchmaker and its functionalities. Delegates were impressed by the information that can be obtained with the tool: pre-defined reports such as the list of e-freight capable airports, the Freight Forwarder e-AWB status by origin airport as well as customized reports. The Industry feedback was extremely positive: Swiss WorldCargo and Air France gave examples from their day to day operations, emphasizing the need and importance of such a tool in increasing the global adoption of e-freight and e-AWB.

The key benefits of the e-freight Matchmaker:

  • Increased information speed, as data is available to all as soon as it is entered by stakeholders
  • Time savings, as e-freight users can instantly retrieve customized reports
  • High data reliability, since the level of data accuracy is increased as the tool is updated by the industry for the industry

Airlines, freight forwarders, and ground-handling agents are invited to register their company accounts and upload their company e-freight and e-AWB data.    

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