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Successful e-AWB workshops held… More to come soon!

e-AWBThe IATA Board of Governors board set an industry target of 100 % e-AWB (electronic air waybill) by the end of 2014, on trade lanes covered by international treaties authorizing electronic transactions. In the short term, the target is to achieve 15% penetration by the end of 2012.

To support the industry achieving this ambitious target, IATA Cargo is organizing a series of one day e-AWB workshops in the major cargo hubs around the world. The first European e-AWB workshop took place in Geneva after the e-Cargo Conference.

For successful e-AWB adoption

The e-AWB workshops are aimed at raising awareness of e-AWB standards, processes, messages, legal framework, and industry targets and also to ensure that regulators support the initiative. The workshops highlight the benefit of e-AWB for each stakeholder involved. They also feature industry stakeholder presentations from early adopters on the benefits and best practices to implement e-AWB successfully. Finally, the workshops provide recommendations on the strategy of implementing e-AWB and highlight the key milestones for the e-AWB project plan.

So far workshops have been held in Narita, Bangkok, Miami, New-York and Atlanta, Hanoi, Mexico and Geneva. There is strong support within the industry for these events, which attract between 100 and 200 participants: decision makers and project managers from freight forwarders, airlines, ground handlers, customs and IT providers.

The e-AWB workshops are also the occasion to increase the momentum of the e-AWB initiative amongst the industry: in Japan, the e-AWB workshop was immediately followed by the first e-AWB shipment out of Japan!

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