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Live Animals update

Be prepared: mandatory training for transport of Live Animals by 2014

Ensuring animal safety and welfare

IATA ensures that both safety and animal welfare are addressed in all regulatory issues pertaining to transportation of live animals by air.

The Governance within IATA’s structure that regulates the transport of live animals is the Live Animals and Perishables Board (LAPB). The LAPB is a dedicated group of 12 airline members whose responsibility is to set the standards for the transportation of live animals contained in the Live Animals Regulations (LAR).

The air cargo industry relies on the LAR as the worldwide standard for transporting live animals by commercial airlines. Whether it is a pet, an animal transported for zoological or agricultural purposes or for any other reason, the objective of the LAR is to ensure all animals are transported safely and humanely by air.

Working towards international standards

Currently there is no minimum training requirements outlined in the LAR for personnel involved in transportation, acceptance, reservation, handling, loading of live animals either as part of passenger baggage or in cargo.

Therefore, to address the lack of training requirements in the regulation and to align with the existing provisions of international legislation, IATA Cargo with the LAPB and the animal welfare experts has developed a framework training syllabus. The provisions in the LAR will be enhanced in its 2014 edition to set mandatory minimum training requirements for acceptance staff at the airports.

The objectives are to ensure the application of the LAR, reduce the occurrence of irregularities and ultimately improve animal welfare when transported by air. It is imperative that airlines, ground handling agents and other stakeholders in the supply chain are familiar with the regulations.

A step-by-step approach

The LAR will initially mandate minimum basic training for persons responsible for the acceptance of the animal for air transport. It will mean that only LAR trained personnel (at both passenger check-in and cargo acceptance) will be allowed to participate in acceptance and handling of live animals.

The intention for the future is to expand the training syllabus and the mandatory training requirements to other personnel involved in the handling and loading of live animals.

Trainings related to transport of live Animals by air are currently available. Visit the IATA training centre for more information.


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