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Modernizing the Cargo Agency Program

With the strong collaboration of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) and the airlines for the past two years, IATA has been working on the modernization of the rules for agents joining the Cargo Agency Program. One key objective of this Cargo Agency Modernization Program (CAMP) was to review the contractual relationship between carrier and forwarder so that it reflects the true nature of their business relationship.

New IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program

CAMP has made significant progress with the replacement of the current Cargo Agency Program by the new IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program to be governed by the IATA-FIATA Governance Board (IFGB). Nine regional or national Joint Councils will be established to discuss and submit proposals to the IFGB, replacing the current governance bodies which have been established locally.

The Cargo Accounts Settlement Systems (CASS) will remain unchanged and kept under the jurisdiction of the Cargo Agency Program. CASS rules as adopted by the Cargo Agency Conference will be contained in the CASS Participation Agreement.

The membership and endorsement of a freight forwarder under the IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program will require the signature of the Freight Forwarder Agreement and the CASS Participation Agreement. Any current program participants will be provided with those two agreements to complete in order to join the new IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program.

Ready for carriage conditions, operational criteria (e.g. DGR training requirements) and best business practices (e.g. cargo standards) will be referenced in the IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program Handbook. This will help raising the airline and freight forwarder’s awareness of their responsibilities and their compliance to agreed operational requirements.

Next steps

In order to achieve a full CAMP modernization, IATA and FIATA are working in the following actions:

  • Obtain the endorsement from the Cargo Committee on the latest development of CAMP
  • Sign the IATA-FIATA Cooperation Agreement and establish IATA-FIATA Governance Board (IFGB)
  • Complete the development of the IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program by IFGB
  • Hold special Cargo Agency Conference (CAC) to adopt the new CASS participation rules, rescind plan for the current resolutions and endorse the IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program
  • Launch the new program after completion of pilot in a selected country

Check the CAMP update (pdf) for more details.


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