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IATA’s expertise for complex needs

Improving pharmaceutical handling worldwide

The global pharmaceutical logistics market, valued at $64 billion in 2013, is the most regulated, expensive and fragile cargo business in the world today. The new IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) on Pharmaceutical Handling will help airlines, handlers and forwarders to be compliant with international regulations and to get a share of this fast-growing and lucrative market.

A challenging business

The handling of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products is a very complex business given the ever-increasing level of regulation globally. The approval, in September 2013, of the European Union (EU) Good Distribution Practices increased the complexity of pharma transportation, forcing the industry to adapt their cool chain handling. In addition, freight forwarders and handlers have to cope with multiple audits imposed by pharmaceutical companies and regulators.

These new regulations and requirements, together with the implementation of more complex processes and technology are forcing the industry to confront multiple changes. Providing an adequate training to employees is essential to adapt to the transformation and guarantee that pharma products are transported appropriately, rapidly, and in compliance with international regulations. 

Guaranteeing clients that their products will be delivered on time and in the best conditions will hopefully help reversing the current trend of modal shift. To change this grim outlook, it is imperative to align the entire industry and improve the standards for the transport and distribution of this commodity.

An IATA solution for the cold chain

With the CEIV in Pharmaceutical Handling program, IATA aims to work closely with industry and regulators to raise the bar and make air freight the modal choice for the transportation of pharmaceutical products. This will help professionals to demonstrate the quality of their services and capture new business.

The program will assess an organization’s cool chain processes and facilities and verify compliance with all applicable international standards and guidelines. These include the EU, World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Pharmacopeia. Additionally, the pharmaceutical handling training status of all personnel will be reviewed and skills training provided if required to raise the level of competency within the organization. Get more information in the CEIV Pharma brochure (pdf)

          CEIV Pharma 
IATA launched the CEIV on Pharmaceutical Handling after a successful pilot assessment of SATS Coolport (pdf) in January 2014 and the recent release of the Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) manual. IATA is currently discussing with Brussels Airport to implement the program and facilitate the participation of stakeholders interested in performing the CEIV pharma training in the months to come. 


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