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CNS Conference 2013

Building our future - an insightful industry working with change

Early May, CNS welcomed over 500 highly placed air cargo professionals from the US and around the world to Phoenix, Arizona for two days of informative sessions and networking.  The conference, featuring the theme “Building our Future”, explored what the cargo industry needs to do to deliver robust and sustainable solutions addressing pressing industry issues. 

CNS presented a great program including Michael Ducker, COO at FedEx, Edward Bastian, President at Delta Airlines, Brian Clancy, Managing Director of Logistics Capital & Strategy and Mattijs ten Brink from Air France – KLM Cargo. The agenda also featured a panel highlighting industry challenges in the United States and a panel of customers offering their opinions and feedback about working with air cargo.

Highlights from the conference

The airfreight industry is going through a series of changes, which is resulting in a “new normal” for the sector rather than just a cyclical change. That was the observation offered by Ducker from FedEx during his opening keynote. The air cargo industry has structurally changed, and it must adjust and move to the beat of some very new business trends.

Michael Ducker, COO, FedEx
Edward Bastian, President, Delta Air Lines

The venerable playbook in the airfreight industry no longer works: we need to do things better while embracing information technology, advocated Brian Clancy from  Logistics Capital & Strategy. In his industry outlook presentation, Clancy predicted the start of an economic turnaround by the end of the year in North America with modest growth in 2014 and 2015. Clancy believes airfreight will become more “hemispheric” with North-South routes replacing East-West routes.

It’s no secret that the air transport world is a tough business – and a way to improve it is through e-freight, the president of Delta Air Lines said. Adopting e-freight will boost efficiencies across the cargo supply chain, increase the accuracy of information, decrease the chances of human error and move transactions faster. It will create cost savings that affect the bottom line.

The push toward wider acceptance of e-AWB seemed to nudge forward a bit during a Tuesday panel session on the issue. Panelists and audience participants examined the progress made thus far and served up ideas on how to continue the momentum. The customer panel was very insightful.  Important issues were raised such as the air cargo industry being too manual, the need for better forecasting, environmentalism, and looking at comparing air versus ocean.

For more insights, download the presentations off the CNS Website 

The priorities of Warren Jones, new Head of CNS

This 23rd edition of CNS Partnership Conference was also the first one for Warren Jones as Head of CNS. Jones, a US national, was previously the Aviation Development Manager at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and has more than 15 years’ experience in aviation and cargo issues.

At CNS, Warren will be pursuing a wide-ranging program. Raising industry competitiveness, accelerating the transformation to e-commerce and the Cargo 2000 quality framework, and enhancing the security and safety of air cargo will all be major priorities. He will also be developing the value proposition of all CNS and IATA cargo products and services, including training.

“I am honored and excited to be offered this great opportunity with CNS. There is a lot to do with the e-freight initiative, Cargo 2000 and other projects, and I am particularly keen to focus on our relationships with our airline and freight forwarder partners. I am also looking forward to reaching out to Airports Council International North America. By strengthening these links and working together on new initiatives we can help build a more successful air cargo industry,” said Jones.

The next CNS Partnership Conference will be held at the Westin La Cantera in San Antonio, Texas from May 4th-6th. Save the date!


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