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Connect swiftly with the new multilateral e-AWB agreement!

  After coming into effect on 18 April 2013, several leading airlines and freight forwarders around the world have already joined the multilateral e-AWB agreement and many more participants are expected to join in the coming weeks and months.

Enabling industry participants to swiftly connect with each other, the multilateral e-AWB agreement is seen an “accelerator” for expanding the global e-AWB network and moving towards the vision of a 100% paperless air cargo supply chain.

“The multilateral e-AWB agreement is the most important new cargo standard developed in the last two decades,” said Des Vertannes, IATA’s global head of cargo. “It gives us critical momentum to achieving the e-freight vision of a paperless cargo system.”

Rudi Sagel, FIATA’s chairman of the Air Freight Institute, said: “Freight forwarders and airlines were looking forward to greater simplification when they looked at the e-AWB agreement; now this new multilateral e-AWB agreement allows forwarders to sign only once to connect to all signatory airlines. It means significant progress as joining the multilateral e-AWB agreement provides the legal framework to transmit AWB data electronically to the carrier for AWB completion.”

By the industry, for the industry

Established as IATA Resolution 672, the multilateral e-AWB agreement was developed in cooperation with the airlines and freight forwarders most actively involved in e-AWB, and it was subsequently approved by governments and endorsed by global, regional and national industry associations, including FIATA, BIFA, FAPAA, AFIF, CLECAT, ANAMA, ACN and others.
Resolution 672 provides a standard e-AWB agreement that airlines and freight forwarders can sign once with IATA and start implementing the e-AWB. It is important to note that the agreement does not amend the IATA Conditions of Contract and the carriers Conditions of Carriage.

The list of airlines and freight forwarders having joined the multilateral e-AWB agreement as well as the procedure to join them are available at the e-AWB site.

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