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TACT launches new e-Customs section with dedicated AEI country information

IATA’s TACT (The Air Cargo Tariff and Rules), the leading global provider of air cargo rules, regulations and rates information, has introduced a new e-Customs section covering Advance Electronic Information (AEI), including specific AEI requirements for countries worldwide.

Dedicated AEI information

The June edition of TACT now includes AEI requirements for 28 countries including local deadlines for submission of information, scope of AEI requirements by shipment type, procedures for submission and more. In future editions, TACT will expand the coverage of AEI information to an increasing number of countries. By including this new material, TACT aims to assist air cargo professionals in their day-to-day workflow processes by giving them the latest AEI operational requirements on a country-by-country basis.

e-Customs section

The new e-Customs section outlines the background of AEI. As part of the process of improving the security of global supply chains, and in accordance with the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards, an increasing number of countries are enacting legislation and require advance electronic submission of data on goods passing their borders. The US (Air AMS) and Canada (ACI) are examples of countries that require advance cargo information to facilitate security risk assessments. The EU implemented similar processes for import, export and transit (EU Regulation 648/2005 and implementing provision 1875/2006).  More and more countries are planning to implement similar provisions.

Besides the standard SAFE (AEI) data requirements, the new TACT e-Customs section lists the countries that have signed the WCO Letter of Intent to implement the SAFE Framework of Standards and includes details of the IATA Position Paper on AEI and Risk Assessments covering recommendations on submission and scope of data. 

Stay up-to-date in a world of ever-changing air cargo rules and regulations

TACT’s mission is to keep air cargo professionals fully up-to-date on regulatory changes and other developments that directly impact workflow processes in the air cargo value chain. By subscribing to TACT you can now also stay up-to-date on new and changing AEI requirements.

More information on how to subscribe to TACT.


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