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Cargo Tracker March 2014

In this Cargo Tracker issue:

Economic Outlook Q1 2014

Global economic developments have been broadly positive over recent months, accelerating the traffic growth. However, high jet fuel prices and weakness in yields continue to limit industry’s financial performance. Read more...

Making lithium batteries transport safer

IATA has released the Lithium Batteries Shipping Guidelines (LBSG) to help companies and individuals through complex transport regulations. The manual assists manufacturers and shippers of lithium batteries to meet their safety obligations. Read more... 

A tool to improve processes and performance

IATA members adopted an Industry Master Operating Plan (MOP), originally developed by Cargo 2000, as a Recommended Practice.  The document, which streamlines the air transportation procedures, will help to define future industry standards and best practices across the supply chain. Read more... 

ULD’s: going safer – and greener!

Cooperation between industry and authorities is essential to enhance ULD safety and create harmonized standards and procedure. New and safer ULDs can also contribute to reduce the environmental impact of air transportation while increasing its cost efficiency. Read more... 

WCS 2014: Innovating to change

The eight edition of the World Cargo Symposium focused on how new technologies and ideas can transform the industry. IATA set new ambitions for the future of air cargo, including cutting the transit hours by two days. Read more... 


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