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e-CSD as a trade facilitator

The electronic CSD gains support from the supply chain

The industry is accelerating its movement towards more effective solutions and regulations to strengthen air cargo security. In this context, support to the electronic Consignment Security Declaration (e-CSD) is spreading over all the supply chain thanks to the collaboration between industry and regulators.

An industry initiative that will benefit to all

International trade cannot afford supply chain security regulations and cargo security forms to be inconsistently applied and duplicated. This is creating administrative burden, making the process very complex for the customers, slowing down the end-to-end airfreight services and ultimately encouraging shippers to choose other modes of transport.

The development, implementation and recognition of one single Security Declaration  consistently used and accepted by governments and industry is therefore seen as the solution by most of the regulators and air cargo stakeholders. On the freight forwarding side, FIATA considers e-CSD as a solution that will “to facilitate international trade to the benefit of all” – See their complete statement (pdf).

Supported by IATA, airlines are demonstrating their willingness to roll-out CSD and its electronic version where it is feasible. We expect at least eight airlines to have adopted this international standard by end of this year. In addition, IATA is committed to support the industry with the global implementation plan in the next three years.

The e-CSD layout becomes global

After the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands, Australia is now embracing  the use of the CSD and its electronic version. Last April, the Australian Office of Transport Security confirmed their official support to CSD and e-CSD. Such support from regulators led to the inclusion of the e-CSD format in the Chapter 13 of the ICAO’s Security Manual Doc 8973.

This e-CSD layout is now available in Arabic (pdf), Chinese (pdf), French (pdf), Russian (pdf), and Spanish (pdf), providing industry with a global audit trail of who secured what consignment, how and when. 


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