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Self-service technology

How Qantas improves customer's experience

Spurred on by their success in the passenger side of the business and other logistics industry sectors, more and more air freight carriers are now investing in digital and mobile systems. By leveraging new technology, the cargo industry can improve customer interfaces, enhance user experiences and drive operating efficiencies in their procedures.

Smartphone-friendly technologies

Qantas Freight is one of the innovators leading the adoption of mobile technologies within the industry. “In 2011 we made the transition from our old legacy operating platform to a web-based iCargo system. This allows us to introduce new mobile technologies that our customers value”, Qantas Freight Lisa Brock says.

Last year the airline launched a smartphone-friendly website and an iPhone application that today has more than 35’000 downloads. Qantas customers can now receive tailored push notification updates for air waybills and flight details wherever they are.

“Our ability to implement these new technologies has really come down to the flexibility of our core operating platform”, Brock states. “We’ve got an Android app launching later this month and over the coming 18 months have a plan of work that will see us leverage the benefits of further technologies in our domestic and international operations.”

Self-service kiosks

Qantas Freight installed 23 self-service Express Check kiosks into its four Australian international freight terminals. There, drivers can confirm their import delivery collection list in less than sixty seconds. To achieve that, the kiosks are linked in real time to more than 80 iPads mounted on forklifts and warehouse equipment.

This paperless technology solution gives customers and warehouse staff a more fast, efficient and accurate import delivery process. “Qantas Freight, one of the first movers in this regard, has taken concrete steps to make its terminals paper free and high-tech” says Sankalp Saxena from IBS Software. 

“Technology can be a key enabler of business transformation" - Mr Saxena remarks, "and companies like Qantas Freight are using it to clearly differentiate themselves in a largely un-differentiated industry.”


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