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Carbon Reporting: What Do Air Freight Customers Need?

The carbon footprint of goods transportation is attracting increasing consumer interest. In addition to the cost, speed and reliability dimension, the environmental performance of transportation providers, including airlines, is entering in the equation.

Calculating air freight carbon footprint

IATA, as the trade association of airlines, has recently formed a working group in charge of defining the methodology to calculate the airfreight carbon footprint. Having a common calculation method will be key for airlines’ customers. This is also a great opportunity for airlines to demonstrate how they are improving fuel efficiency year on year. Did you know that the aviation industry has committed to achieve carbon neutral growth by 2020 and 50% reduction in carbon by 2050 (compared to 2005)? No other industry has set up such ambitious environmental targets!

To best serve the air cargo industry, IATA would like to hear from the air cargo customers - the freight forwarders and the shippers - on what they need in terms of CO2 emission reports from the airlines. The results of this survey will help the group defining the right calculation method.



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