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Cargo Tracker September 2013

In this Cargo Tracker issue:

Cargo economic outlook Q3 2013

Good news for the industry: after months of stagnation business confidence is starting to increase. Consumers from Europe and US are more optimistic about the future, although the Chinese economy slows. Read more...

e-AWB: global standard, regional delivery

The transformation from paper air waybill to electronic is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Some countries, like France and Mexico, have found their own way to e-AWB implementation. Read more...

Air Cargo Security: new steps for e-CSD and Secure Freight projects

On 15 July 2013, the CSD standard was published in the ICAO Aviation Security Manual. This official recognition from ICAO is an important step for the roll-out of e-CSD. Read more...

Are you feeling lost with cargo security requirements?

The October 2013 edition of TACT Rules focuses on security to guide professional stakeholders across a world of ever-changing regulations. Read more...

Pharma: stay cool with IATA’s checklist

The industry is seeking to improve the cargo handling processes to align with existing regulations and standards. Recently, IATA established a “Standard Acceptance Checklist” for time and temperature sensitive healthcare shipments. Read more...

Carbon reporting: what do air freight customers need?

As interest in the carbon footprint generated by air freight grows, IATA would like to hear from the air cargo customers on what they need in terms of CO2 emissions reporting from the airlines. Read more... 



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