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Air Cargo Security: New Steps for e-CSD and Secure Freight Projects

The cost of aviation security has risen to $8.55 billion annually. Security is costly, complex and an impediment to compressing air cargo transit times, but it is a “must have” and a "must do".

IATA helps reducing complexity through several initiatives including the electronic Consignment Security Declaration (e-CSD) and Secure Freight. e-CSD  harmonizes reporting of physical security information and Secure Freight program is designed for countries that need to strengthen their cargo security policies to bring it in line with best practices.

The CSD layout now published in the ICAO Aviation Security Manual

The use of e-CSD allows regulators, airlines, freight forwarders and other parties to have visibility of the security measures applied up the supply chain. This document provides all the necessary audit details to know who screened, what, how, where and when. It allows country specific textual statements e.g. in case of emergency amendments.

The benefits can be related to the removal of the paper security declaration in a compliant manner, the simplicity due to a unique common standard as well as the reduction of the costs of dual screening at origin, transit and transfer points.

On 15 July 2013, the CDS layout was published in the ICAO Aviation Security Manual (Eight Edition, Amendment 1). This official recognition from ICAO is an important step for the roll-out of the e - CSD. New countries such as Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Australia have manifested the intention to implement the e-CSD since then. On the freight forwarders side, Kuehne+Nagel and DBSchenker have started discussions with airlines to replace the paper security form with the e-CSD.

Jordan becomes the 8th Secure Freight pilot

Secure Freight is an IATA initiative assisting States to create or enhance their regulatory frameworks applicable to air cargo security. This is in line with ICAO’s call for the development of an International Capacity Building Strategy specific to air cargo and mail security. Malaysia and Kenya were the two first States to benefit from Secure Freight.

Early August 2013, the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC) and IATA signed a Memorandum of Understanding making Jordan the 8th country to join the Secure Freight program. In Jordan, Secure Freight activities will include a revision of the current regulatory framework and operations that support the movement of goods by air.

Whithin the pilot, Jordanian stakeholders from the industry and the government will be working closer to enhance the current regulatory framework. At the end of the program, Jordan will have simplified but efficient business processes and one set of standards to be compliant with multiple security regimes.


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