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IATA Cargo Operations Advisory Group established

Cargo Operations Advisory Group (COAG) has been established to bring together members from airlines and ground handling agents to develop best-practice processes and procedures in order to address all aspects of cargo acceptance and handling.

The COAG will be working on the review, improvement and development of cargo operations processes and procedures for incorporation into the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM). The objective being to develop operations processes that can be adopted by airlines and ground handling agents and that will ultimately lead to a greater degree of standardisation and harmonisation for cargo acceptance and handling.

Having a higher level of harmonisation and standardisation will help both airlines and ground handling agents to simplify training requirements for cargo handling and should lead to cost savings and potentially improved safety for all parties. The first effort by the COAG will be to review and develop the cargo acceptance processes including clear processes supporting paperless e-AWB. The cargo acceptance processes being critical to the safety, regulatory and liability domains.


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