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The Value of Air Cargo

Air cargo delivers the modern world

Air Cargo transports over US$5 trillion worth of goods and approximately US$60 billion in Airline revenues. It is not just a trade facilitator but it is a trade creator that contributes to the global economic development.

By enabling access to vaccines in time to remote parts of the world, air cargo helps to prevent 2.5 million deaths every year.

Similarly, air cargo boosts the electronics industry by fast delivery of the latest technology – facilitating education of the youth, accelerating businesses and connecting communities with the latest gadgets.



...air cargo makes it happen.

In order to raise the profile and awareness of what a critical industry air cargo is to commerce, the economy and the global community, IATA introduced “…air cargo makes it happen” campaign, comprised of cargo specific posters and other materials.

The campaign was launched during the 6th World Cargo Symposium at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in March 2012 and has been present at a number of renowned airports and prominent cargo industry events, including the latest CNS Partnership Conference in Miami in May and the IATA Annual General Meeting in Beijing in June.

Delivering time on time.

IATA continues to develop the materials dedicated to specific regions or countries with the newest poster showcasing the value of air cargo in Switzerland.

The goods transported from Switzerland consist of light, compact, perishable, time sensitive or valuable cargo, such as pharmaceuticals and time pieces. IATA chose the watchmaking sector to illustrate the value of air cargo is bringing to Swiss market: speed delivery of high value products.

All relevant materials are posted on the Value of Air Cargo page and available for your use.

For more information and for materials’ use guidelines please contact IATA Cargo


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