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Training Newsletter - Q2 2013

Industry Events

IATA Aviation Fuel Forum

8 May, Berlin. Fuel quality, supply reliability and aviation fuel costs were topics of discussion presented by Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO, at the bi-annual IATA Aviation Fuel Forum in Berlin on 8 May 2013. These topics and more are covered in ITDI’s fuel courses, Aviation Fuel Management in particular, and were showcased at the Forum.

The importance of aviation fuel cannot be underestimated as it represents a third of an airline’s cost structure. The expected annual aviation fuel bill for 2013 noted at the Forum is US$209 billion.

For more information on ITDI’s fuel program, visit

Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) Aviation & Environment Workshop

13 May, Montreal. Some 200 delegates met at the ATAG Aviation & Environment Workshop to discuss the progress of the aviation industry in tackling environmental issues. IATA was represented by Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO, Paul Steele, Director, Aviation Environment, and the Environment team. Natalia Horokhova, Assistant Manager of ITDI’s Montreal training center, also attended to present IATA’s environment courses, particularly Aviation and the Environment and Managing Green Airports.

Mr. Tyler stated that of the three market-based solutions proposed by the United Nations to address aviation greenhouse gas emissions, IATA prefers a global carbon offsetting system. For simplicity and ease of administration, the industry favors offsetting carbon emissions by buying carbon credits rather than participating in an industry-wide cap-and-trade system. (full speech)

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has been tasked with developing a global plan to address aviation emissions in time for the ICAO triennial assembly in September.

For more information on ITDI’s environment program, visit

IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC)

5-8 May, Vancouver. Over 600 delegates from the entire ground handling community, including airlines, ground handlers, manufacturers, suppliers and airport representatives participated in the 26th IGHC.

IATA’s booth was teaming with delegates, many of whom sought guidance on IATA training programs dedicated to Ground Operations. The first few hundred to visit the booth received a signature baseball by which to remember the event.

The focus was on risk management and how different sectors of the ground handling industry deal with the wide variety of risk inherent in their businesses.

A recurring theme in discussions was the merit of IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO), IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) and Ground Damage Database (GDDB) initiatives and how these combine to provide the industry with the tools necessary to achieve an integrated approach to: identify and mitigate risks, ensure that mitigating actions are implemented, and confirm that the mitigating actions do in fact have a positive effect. Read more about the outcomes of the conference through the IGHC blog.

For more information on ITDI’s airport program, visit

For more information on our ground operations program, visit

New Regulations

Security Regulations, ICAO Annex 17

Amendment 13 to Annex 17 was adopted on 13 November 2012 by ICAO and will be enacted on 15 July 2013.

Major issues covered by the amendment are as follow:

  • High risk cargo is defined and enhanced security measures are recommended for high risk cargo and mail
  • Appropriate security controls for transfer of cargo and mail prior to loading and appropriate controls confirming inbound transfer of cargo and mail
  • States must evaluate their measures to mitigate the insider threat and screen all people, other than passengers, upon entry to restricted areas serving international civil aviation operations

For information on ITDI’s aviation security program, visit

Safety Management Regulations, ICAO Annex 19

During its Global Safety Week at the end of February 2013, ICAO announced that its governing council adopted a new annex. The Safety Management Annex 19 is the first new annex to be adopted into the Chicago Convention in over thirty years. Annex 19 consolidates provisions relating to State Safety Programs (SSPs) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) into a single source. The new annex becomes effective 15 July 2013.

For information on ITDI’s safety program, visit


Online Fraud on the Rise

IATA has recently been a target of online fraud. An article in Tnooz describes one attempt in detail. We want to protect you by ensuring that you are well-informed not to fall for these tricks. We provide some guidance on our website and questions can be addressed at



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