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Feature Story - Q2 2014

Message from the Director

Training is essential for success in an industry as dynamic and complex as aviation. In only the first quarter of this year, our industry has been at the center of several of highly publicized events, resulting in new regulations, greater complexity in our processes and a stronger demand for standardization.

We at ITDI are working hard to provide training to help you and your organization swiftly respond to these developments. Our goal is to be your preferred training provider whether you work at an airline, airport, government or travel agency- and we believe our unique position in the industry will help make this a reality.

The ITDI team has undergone many changes since the beginning of this year to help us better serve you. Over the course of the year, you can expect to see:

1. Greater support in your region. A new organizational structure, completed earlier this year, has positioned our team in key IATA offices around the world. This means more ways to get in touch with our team and a stronger local focus in our training operations.

2. Strengthened quality standards. The quality of our training programs remains our principal focus. Our new quality team will drive a number of changes to the way we develop training, as we start the process of obtaining international quality certification. With your insight, we will also review each of our 300 programs to make sure they are interactive, relevant and transferrable to the workplace, following a proven quality management methodology.

3. New courses and programs throughout the year. We understand you need timely training to stay on top of industry developments. To achieve this, we plan to release a number of new programs that address the implementation of new standards, changing industry trends and the latest best practices.

With a busy year in progress, we will remain committed to ensure you have the right tools to train, develop and promote safe, sustainable practices in your operation. We welcome your interest in ITDI and invite you to write, call or follow us with your questions and comments.

I look forward to leading the ITDI team in assisting you to reach your objectives.


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